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Fish and Game Committees

In the past the Chambersburg Rod and Gun Club had small game and hunting dog committees in which Pheasant, Quail, and rabbits were raised and distributed throughout Franklin County. Hunting dog committees trained the dogs of members in the martial arts. These were established to assist the Pennsylvania Fish and Game commissions with their respective stocking programs and is listed as a primary objective of the Club. While the only committee of this type still in existence is the Trout Committee, the Club would not be averse to entertaining the idea of Small Game committees, if there were volunteers willing to commit their time and efforts.    

  1. Trout Committee:                 Chair: Bill Strayer                  Phone: (717) 377-9626

The trout committee, formerly known as the Fish committee, has been stocking fish in local streams since April of 1941. In 1964, in conjunction with both Franklin County Officials and the PA Fish Commission, the committee moved from the Shelly meadows nursery to our current trout nursery located on Franklin Farm Lane, on property owned by the county. This cooperative nursery program has grown into the fifth largest nursery in the state.

We annually raise approximately 23,000 trout, of which about 3,500 are held over an extra year to reach a size of 16” to 22” when stocked. We raise species made available to us through the Fish Commission: which currently include Brown, Rainbow, Golden and occasionally Tiger trout.

All fish raised are stocked in Franklin County waters that are open to public fishing.
Current waters stocked include the following: East Branch Conococheague Creek, Falling Spring, Dennis Creek, Pond Bank, and Conodoguinet. There are also special regulation areas for children or disabled people located on Rocky Mountain Stream at Caledonia State Park or the Loop Road area south of Chambersburg. Please read signage carefully as these areas are different to what rules apply.

The trout committee meets the second Tuesday each month except for December at 7pm in the directors meeting room at the clubhouse. All funding for the trout operation is derived from fund raising efforts by the committee.

Stocking for 2023

The Rod and Gun Club Trout Committee received the following two letters from the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission (PFBC) in the past few weeks. These letters are enclosed so that you may see exactly what was said. As a result, the Trout Committee is planning to stock the approved Falling Spring Branch as much as possible, within the sanctions of the PFBC.   

March 8, 2023

Chambersburg Rod and Gun Club,

               The Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission (PFBC) takes the spread and control of Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) very seriously, this includes New Zealand Mudsnails (NZM), which were discovered at the Falling Spring nursery on September 20, 2022. Per our previous discussions, the PFBC is using a Risk Assessment (RA) tool for all stockings originating from NZM positive facilities, including PFBC State Fish Hatcheries and cooperative nurseries. The RA tool provides guidance to PFBC staff when making stocking decisions that result in the protection for the resources of Pennsylvania, while providing angling opportunities for the anglers of Pennsylvania.

               PFBC staff are currently working through the RA process, including the RA for your cooperative nursery, sponsored by the Chambersburg Rod and Gun Club. Until the RA is complete for the Falling Spring nursery, the PFBC is requiring all Stockings from these facilities be postponed until further notice.  PFBC staff are working to complete this task as soon as possible to allow for limited interruptions with your organization’s stocking schedule. At the completion of the RA process, PFBC staff will provide a list of approved waters that your organization can stock, while limiting the spread of NZM.

               Please share this information with the members of the Chambersburg Rod and Gun Club, in particular those members that assist with the nursery and stocking. It is very important they have an understanding that stocking cannot occur until the PFBC gives final approval.

               The PFBC understands there is a lot of information to absorb, and we appreciate your organization’s understanding and patience as we move through the challenges presented to us by NZM.


Brian McHail, Leader, Cooperative Nursey Unit, Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission

March 28, 2023

Chambersburg Rod and Gun Club,

The Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission (PFBC) staff have reviewed the stocking locations for the Chambersburg Rod and Gun Club and have completed a Risk assessment to evaluate the potential for unintendedly spreading New Zealand  (NZM) from the Falling Spring nursery into the waters of the Commonwealth. As a result, the PFBC has approved the following stocking locations for preseason and in-season trout stocking.

  1. Falling Spring Branch (Section 04 and 05).

Attached is the above list of approved stocking locations with upper and lower section limits for your reference.


Brian McHail, Leader, Cooperative Nursey Unit, Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission



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