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Maintenance Committees

Maintenance Committees

  1. Building:                                Chair: Todd Nealley                 Phone: (717) 446-4644

This Committee is primarily responsible for the maintenance and repair of both the interior and exterior of the Club’s Structures, and their electrical, electronic, mechanical, security, and plumbing fixtures, with respective wellbeing in regard to protection from weather, fire, and age.

  1. Grounds:                                Chair: Eric Long                     Phone: (717) 552-5556

This Committee is primarily responsible for maintaining the grounds, lawns, parking lots, primary roads and vehicles, required to maintain these grounds.

  1. Ranges:                                  Chair: Duane Beidel              Phone: (717) 377-2396 

This Committee is primarily responsible for maintaining the various shooting ranges and covered shooting position structures on the respective ranges for archery, pistol, and long guns, which include Rifles, Shotguns and muzzleloaders, but excludes the Sporting Clay Range. The Range Committee is in the process of making revisions and improvements to all of the ranges.  Work will continue during the next couple months.  If you want to help or have input into the process, please contact the Range Committee Chairperson, Dr. Duane L. Beidel at [email protected]