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Club Rules and Range Rules

Club Rules                                                                                  Revised:  2024 April


  1. These are general rules of the Club. These rules along with the Range Rules and approved Policy Motions shall not supersede the Club By-Laws.
  2. Policy Motions approved at regular Club meetings, will be reviewed at the end of the year to determine whether they should be incorporated into the Club By-laws, Club Rules, Range Rules or dropped altogether.
  3. The Range rules shall be posted and followed.
  4. Follow kitchen rules as posted – no exceptions for noncompliance.
  5. No Hunting or trapping of any land animals or birds on club grounds, with the exception of varmint permits annually being issued to ten (10) Club members.
  6. Fishing is permitted in the Club Pond on a catch and release mode.  The Club pond is closed to fishing during the month of May.
  7. Dog training is permitted between dawn and dusk except during the Franklin County Fair.
  8. No live animals are allowed in the clubhouse, with the exception a certified service dog.
  9. No Removal or cutting of any Flora (either Trees or plants), without Club permission. Cutting grass is authorized.
  10. No personal three or four-wheeled recreational vehicles, dirt bikes, snowmobiles, and similar off-road vehicles are permitted on Club Grounds. Exceptions are that similar Club or Club Committee vehicles are authorized, as well as personnel Golf Carts and four wheelers may be used for the conduct of Sporting Clays, during a Sporting Clay event. Proper use of personal cars, trucks or motorcycles, on Club roads, is permitted.
  11. Anyone using the Club facilities, must return same to proper order when finished. (Clean up brass and targets at ranges, turn off lights, lock doors, and clean up floors of paper and mud.)
  12. Members are allowed one guest, and the member is responsible for any guest they bring onto the Club grounds. The guest and club member must sign a release form. If a member desires to bring more than one guest, said member may request authority from the Executive Committee.   
  13. A Club sponsored team shall consist only of members belonging to the Club.
  14. Individuals or organizations wishing to rent the Club House, Pavilion, or the Club Grounds must submit a request to the Executive Committee to establish a sanctioned event and contact the Vice President and complete a rental agreement form.
  15. Club property shall not be used for personal use. This includes, but is not limited to using Club tools or vehicles for home repair, or use of Club Grounds for personal storage. It should be noted that two authorized offsite uses of Club equipment are:
    1.  The Membership Secretary has a Club owned computer and two File cabinets at their personal residence to allow them to do their elected job.
    2. The Trout committee uses their committee purchased equipment at the remote Trout Nursery and local streams in which they stock trout.
  16. Sportsman-of-the-Year.  Any member who demonstrates outstanding work, service to the Club, or who has voluntarily offered an exceptional amount of their time for the advancement of the club over the past year, may be nominated for Sportsman-of-the-Year. Submissions of candidates for this award will be from the general membership through a nominating letter to the acting Nomination Committee Chairman.  Individuals may receive this award by majority vote of attending Club members at the December General Membership Meeting. In the event of two or more nominations, the nominee who receives the most votes, will be awarded the Sportsman-of-the-Year award.
  17. Junior Sportsman-of-the-Year Any Junior member who demonstrates outstanding work, service to the Club, or who has voluntarily offered an exceptional amount of their time for the advancement of the club over the past year, may be nominated for Junior Sportsman-of-the-Year. Junior Sportsman-of-the-Year awards will be submitted and approved in an identical manner as with the Sportsman-of-the-Year award.
  18. Game Awards for the Year Any Club member who catches a substantial Bass, Brook Trout, Brown Trout, Rainbow Trout or dispatches a substantial Buck, Bear or Turkey; may take their trophy to a Club Officer for measuring and documentation. That Club Officer will forward appropriate documentation to the Club Secretary for consolidation. At the end of the year, the Club member (or two members) with the most substantial catch in each category will receive recognition and an award with the recipient(s) of these awards being announced at the Annual Dinner and Awards Banquet.
  19. George Lyon Scholarship/Grant Annually the Club may award a George Lyon Scholarship/Grant to an individual who most demonstrates the importance of the conservation of our natural resources, or advancement of hunting, fishing, or outdoor life. Candidate submissions will be made via nomination letters to the President of the Club, with the recipient of this award being announced at the Annual Dinner and Awards Banquet. While a scholarship is normally indicative of a college student, a grant may be issued to any individual relevant to these requirements. 
  20. These Club Rules and the Range Rules may be amended by a majority of the members present at any regular meeting of the Club, provided the notice of the amendment has been given at the immediate previous meeting.
  21. Current Fees and Dues:
    1. Initiation Fee; $25.00. (See Art 3, Sec 1).
    2. Annual dues without access to the ranges; $45. (See Art 3, Sec 1)
    3. Annual dues with full property access; $60. (See Art 3, Sec 1)
    4. Access credentials; $5 (See Art 4. Sec 4)
    5. Standing Committee Fee; 10% of profit. (See Art 9. Sec 3)  

Range Rules                                       Pending 2024 revisions


  1. Safety is everyone’s responsibility.
  2. Practice Gun Safety at all times.
  3. In the event of an injury, contact a member of the Executive Committee, as soon as possible, and call 911 immediately.
  4. No Alcoholic Beverages permitted. 
  5. Eye and ear protection are required when using the ranges.
  6. Trespassers will be prosecuted.
  7. Place trash, casings, and used targets into containers provided.


     8.   Range badges must be displayed at all times while on any range, and presented upon request to a Club member who has identified themself with their Club    
           membership card.
     9.  Outdoor ranges may be used from Dawn to Dusk, with the exception of the Trap range, which may be extended beyond dusk with the use of installed lights
   10.  Indoor range may be used from 6:00 a.m. until 11:00 p.m. daily, except during regular monthly Club meeting nights and special events.
   11.  Share the ranges in a rotating fashion, if lines are beginning to form.
   12.  All firearms must have open chambers and shell magazines removed until they are ready to be fired.  Open action indicators are highly recommended and available on
          all ranges.
   13.  Sporting Clays’ course shall only be used during a sporting clay event.  Course may not be used any other time, except when setting new courses or for special events.
   14.  If the clubhouse or grounds are rented and a member wants to use the trap range, the member must either check to see if permission is granted in the rental agreement or    
          get permission from the renter.
   15.  All ranges, including the indoor range, will be closed from the day prior to the beginning of the Franklin County Fair through the Monday following the Fair.
   16.  No shooting is permitted in front of firing line.  The firing line may be moved forward, providing all shooters agree and an orange flag is posted at the original firing    
   17.  All actions are to be open before people may go down range.  In the event of a gun that the action will not stay open, the the magazine shall be removed and an open  
          chamber indicator must be used.
   18.  No fully automatic guns, firearm or any device promoting rapid fire, such as, but not limited to bump stocks and trigger actuators.


   19.  No explosive targets will be tolerated.
   20.  Only targets approved by the Executive Committee and general membership shall be permitted on indoor and outdoor ranges.
   21.  Only clay targets may be used on the Trap and Sporting Clay ranges.
   22.  Only paper or hanging type, double-action reactive targets may be used on all firearm ranges.
   23.  Only paper targets may be used on the Indoor range.
   24.  Steel targets may be used during authorized steel shoots or only those placed by the Club.
   25.  Paper or 3D targets may be used on the archery range.
   26.  All paper targets, including those for air guns, must be posted to backboard only; not on post or frame.
   27.  Air gun targets must be posted to backboard only, not on post or frame.


   28.  No BMG rounds or centerfire, greater than .50 caliber rounds are allowed.
   29.  Only .22 caliber (standard load or less (no 17HMR [Hornady Magnum Rimfire] or 17 Mach II calibers), ammunition may be used in the indoor range.
   30.  Air rifles, up to 25 caliber, may be used on the indoor range.
   31.  No buck shot may be used on any range.
   32.  Bird shot may be used on the Trap, Sporting clay, patterning board ranges.
   33.  Only Shot Shells are permitted to be used at the Shotgun Patterning Box.
   34.  Slug guns may not be used on Pistol ranges, at less than 25 yards.
   35.  Only field tip arrows may be used on the archery range. 


Violators will be subject to disciplinary action up to and including expulsion from Club.