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Club Rules

  1. These are general rules of the Club. These rules along with the Range Rules and approved Policy Motions shall not supersede the Club By-Laws.
  2. Policy Motions approved at regular Club meetings, will be reviewed at the end of the year to determine whether they should be incorporated into the Club By-laws, Club Rules, Range Rules or dropped altogether.
  • The Range rules shall be posted and followed.
  • Follow kitchen rules as posted - no exceptions for noncompliance.
  • No Hunting or trapping of any land animals or birds on club grounds, with the exception of varmint permits annually being issued to fifteen (15) Club members.
  • Fishing is permitted in the Club pond on a catch and release mode, and only July 1 to March 31.
  • Dog training is permitted between dawn and dusk except during the Franklin County Fair.
  • No live animals are allowed in the clubhouse, with the exception of a certified service dog.
  • No Removal or cutting of any Flora (either Trees or plants), without Club permission. Cutting grass is authorized.
  • No personal three or four-wheeled recreational vehicles, dirt bikes, snowmobiles, and similar off-road vehicles are permitted on Club Grounds. Similar Club or Club Committees vehicles are authorized. Proper use of personal cars, trucks or motorcycles, on Club roads, is permitted.
  • Anyone using the Club facilities, must return same to proper order when finished. (Clean up brass and targets at ranges, turn off lights, lock doors, and clean up floors of paper and mud.)
  • Members are allowed one guest, and the member is responsible for any guest they bring onto the Club grounds. The guest and club member must sign a release form.
  • A Club sponsored team shall consist only of members belonging to the Club.
  • Individuals or organizations wishing to rent the Club House, Pavilion, or the Club Grounds must submit a request to the Executive Committee to establish a sanctioned event and contact the Vice President and complete a rental agreement form.
  • Current Fees and Dues:
    • Initiation Fee; $25. (See Art 3, Sec 1 )
    • Annual dues without access to the ranges; $45. (See Art 3, Sec 1)
    • Annual dues with full property access; $60. (See Art 3, Sec 1)
    • Access credentials; $5. (See Art 4. Sec 4)
    • Standing Committee Fee; 10% of profit. (See Art 9. Sec 3)

Revised: 11/2019